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How about ineffective appointed leaders? Should they be discussed in a different thread or may we discuss them here? (Anyway, charges against Redfield, if he is incompetent, can be laid on the POTUS who appointed him in 2018.)

The Atlantic has a good article on poor U.S. response to the virus. It makes the CDC, led by Robert Redfield, look bad. Wiki'ing Redfield tells us he's a homophobe endorsed by Evangelists and has been accused of fraud. Wiki leads to an article titled "Meet Trump's new homophobic public health quack" and to an article at

Donald Trump has nominated Dr. Robert Redfield to head the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). In the early ’90s, Dr. Redfield was accused of scientific fraud by the U.S. Army concerning AIDS vaccine research, which is cause for some concern....
However, I am more concerned about his intimate, decades-long relationship with the leaders of the organization the Army criticized him for having an “inappropriate close relationship” with, that led to those scientific fraud charges, than I am with the fraud charges themselves.
That organization is “Americans for a Sound AIDS Policy” (ASAP), founded and led by ultra-right conservative anti-gay activists Shepherd and Anita Smith....
Dr. Redfield has been one of if not their closest allies in government; he served on ASAP’s board and he still serves on CAFI’s board today. The Smiths, their organizations and their ultra-right “Christian” activism are largely unknown to the public, but they have been a powerful behind-the-scenes player, currying favor with HIV policy leaders in government in large part because of their ability to deliver evangelical/Christian Right votes in Congress for appropriations.

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