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Sometimes the time from exposure to symptoms can depend on how you are exposed.

For example, if you inhale particles in the air, and are infected by absorbing them through your lungs, the incubation period may be n, while if you shake the hand of an infected person who ate a sandwich and didn't wash his hands, and then you rubbed your eyes because they itched, so you transferred the virus through your mucous membranes around your eyes, the incubation may be n + x, or n - x.

I can't think of any examples off the top of my head, because IANAD, but I have been told by doctors of viruses or bacteria that operate this way.

It may be that researchers are aware of Covid-19 behaving this way, but have not pinned down what all the various rates of incubation are for different types of transfer. So the best they can do is give a range.
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