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Originally Posted by PastTense View Post
Note that eventually there is a good chance that good treatments and vaccines will be available. So if the delay is long enough people may not suffer the bad effects at all.
This, very much, though. There are three things in testing stages now: a serum treatment of some kind, using immunities from the blood of people who have recovered to help people currently in the throes of the disease, and two different vaccines.

My worst fear is that the vaccine being tested in the US won't be terribly effective, while the one being tested abroad will, but Trump won't allow the more effective one to be imported, because he want "American vaccines for Americans."

I realize it means hunkering down a pretty long time-- not six weeks, but months, and that's going to be tough on me. I'm in the process now of signing up for Amazon Flex and Uber Eats to try to bring in a little money in the interim before I go back to work.

But if I can come out, and a vaccine is ready, and maybe a treatment that is reasonably effective, not to mention a test that is readily available, it'll be worth it.
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