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Minor coronavirus quandary: the local small business

Thereís this local small business Iíve been patronizing for years that I really want to support through times like this. Itís still open, apparently, and itís not a restaurant, so non-essential (so there are a couple of states eliminated right there). There was something specific there I was thinking about buying, but itís apparently out of stock.

Now, Iíve been doing a quasi-ďshelter in placeĒ kind of thing, even though my area doesnít (yet) require it; going to the grocery store yesterday was the furthest Iíve been from home in a week. I know this is the right thing to do. But is there anything reasonable I can do for the store in this situation? Iím sure I could find something I want there, but Iíd have to browse a bit, which is obviously not ideal. I suppose I could browse online and quiz the employee in the phone Ďtil I find something there, but Iíd still have to pick it up. I also have a website of small business financial resources in my area linked by my credit union. I have no idea if the owner knows or has tapped this already, but it feels weird to talk about to just a clerk.

Ideas? I really appreciate this place for being a convenient place for me all these years; Iíd heard they were planning to move to a larger space too, so Iím really motivated to do something.