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I wonder what is going to happen with crime statistics. Fewer robberies and burglaries, more domestic violence? Not sure where that would leave homicides.

Originally Posted by Dewey Finn View Post
If you can maintain distance from others (six feet is recommended), there's no reason to confine the children to the house.

Sure there is. Research is increasingly showing that the virus gets into the air just from breathing, not only from coughing, and from asymptomatic individuals--and remains in the air for anywhere from 30 minutes to three hours, depending on what source you cite. For us to go outside requires that we go out our apartment door, walk down the hall, go down one of two stairwells in the building, and then through a narrow corridor and small entryway between the secure buzzer door and the outer door. Dozens of people may have passed through that area in the past hour, unless it's in the middle of the night which is obviously not when we're going to take our kids out to play.

ETA: If we still lived in an apartment with our own door directly to the outdoors, like we did until 2017, I'd be taking the kids outside every day for sure.
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