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Originally Posted by Try2B Comprehensive View Post
I spoke with the folks at the clinic, they ran me through a questionnaire. I did not meet the criteria to get tested.

Let's see. The governor has declared a state of emergency. There are confirmed cases in my county. I have had the cough for 5 days now, though the chills seem to have subsided. When do I Ever have a cough for 5 days? Especially with taking 2 naps a day and permanent happy hour. Shit, when do I take 2 naps a day? Never, that's when. Never a cough for 5 days like this, that's when.
Is it a dry cough? Just for your own sanity, it was my understanding if you have a dry cough that doesn't produce anything and causes a tightness in chest, that is a sign of th Covid19.

If you're actually able to cough something up, it supposedly is the flu or something else