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Originally Posted by PastTense View Post
It really doesn't matter if restaurants are open are not in 3 to 6 months--why would you want to go when there is a significant risk of getting COVID-19 (which is what most people will think)?
A lot of people, even if they are considerate about other people getting sick and thus following social distancing recommendations, probably believe that the risk to self is worth it, especially if under 55 with no pre-existing conditions.

A lot of people, even elderly, but especially those in their 20s, even now, are in the mindset of, "If I get corona, I get corona. This is not going to stop me from partying."

Which if we're basing this on merely personal risk, I don't blame them and am probably inclined to agree as a healthy 22-year-old. If it was just about me, I'd take the risk and keep living normally. It's asymptomatic in 75% of those aged 20-29, with only 1.2% requiring hospitalization (presumably, those with co-morbid factors of some sort).

Conversely, a lot of elderly themselves I've heard have the attitude of, "I've lived long enough and I'm going to die soon anyway. Not going to waste a high percentage of my probably remaining lifespan staying inside and not fulfilling myself."

That said, a lot of people (myself included) have been following social distancing recommendations for a week now because at the moment, this isn't just about the mere risk to healthy persons themselves, but more so about indirectly passing it to the elderly (especially in poor health).
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