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Originally Posted by Projammer View Post
For all the downsides of COVID, there will be some checkboxes in the positive column.
Without being sardonic, hopefully.

One of the obvious ones is telework. It being forced on many employers will provide solid evidence that it can work and employees won't just sit at home binge watching Doogie Howser on Hulu. Sure there are plenty of managers that can't stand the thought of their minions being out of their immediate sight, but this will give some that were on the fence motivation to continue.
Driving today for the first time in a snowbound week, I heard an NPR talk with a few boffins, one of whom ran double-blind studies of Korean workers given the option to telecommute. His synopsis: Only half as many volunteered as expected. And half of those, after six months, wanted to return to full-time office work. Largely independent tasks, like help or order lines, showed notably improved productivity because quieter at home. Teams did worse. Much creativity arises from break-time chatter; much self-validation arises from interaction. The industrial psychology prof predicted increased mental troubles in those forced into at-home isolation. We mostly remain herd beasts.

As an extension to that, all those tedious meetings that you knew could be handled via email. Turns out they could. Hopefully that trend continues.
That's the plus side. Meetings expected to last a half-hour can finish in ten minutes.