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What will things be like in 6 mos? 12 mos?

How many people will have died from COVID19?
35,000 initially, 6 figures by the time its over in 18 months. Disturbing as it may seem, similar to a flu outbreak

Will we still be on some form of lockdown?
By next week, Trump will announce a national quarantine.

Will restaurants be open?
By May in many affected states. Bars will be closed and restaurants will be required to only take so many patrons via reservation.

Will we be able to buy food? TP?
Food will always be available in some form. Toilet paper? Who knows with these hoarding idiots.

Barring that, longterm lockdown is one thing, so long as we can buy food and supplies, and have access to media.
Odds are overwhelmingly in your family. It’s is the media’s best interest to make sure it’s available to you. One way to think of social distancing is you are being asked to stay home and watch TV, play video games, fuck, read, find a hobby, and spend time with your kids for several weeks. Not the worst deal.

Any reason to think so many farmers, factory workers, truckers/store workers will be knocked out at any one time such that the food/supply chain will be broken?
Only of their ranks are decimated by disease however the demand for food, manufactured goods, truckers and retail workers will not only keep our supply lines alive, but filled with workers that need jobs.[/quote]

What are you thinking the likely longer term path of this will be? What lessons can we take from what other countries have already experienced?
This will result in the worst recession since the Great Depression (not the GD because we have so many economic tools that will create that from happening and the new jobs suddenly created by this pandemic will help offset the jobs lost).

Donald Trump, if not removed from office, will be voted out because enough Americans will have lost jobs or seen relatives killed that they will take it out at the ballot box in November.

Based on countries that have turned the wave, enforced social distancing, monitoring or those infected, and massive testing seem to have worked.

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