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I think the availability of essential goods and services (food, utilities, etc) will be fine
Food will always be available in some form
Why is everyone so sure that food will always be available?
The supply chain from farm to supermarket includes a LOT of stuff that isn't food:

Take, for example,packaging. Plastic, little wire ties for bread, paper cartons, etc.
That packaging has to be labelled, so you need printing presses and colored inks.
The inks are made by , I suppose, ink factories. Will the ink factories be operating if half their employees are quarantined?
The packaging is done under hygienic limitations, so I suppose you need hair nets for the employees. The hair nets have elastic edges. The elastic is made from rubber (I suppose). And I suppose the rubber is drawn from trees in Africa, and somehow imported to America. The importer needs licenses from unknown government agencies, who are not working right now.
(Gee, this is kinda fun.....!)

Okays, so despite my somewhat silly list , my point is valid:
Supply chains have hundreds of links.

And each weak link, when it breaks, will have to be patched before you get your Frosted Flakes at Costco..

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