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The most effective leaders are the ones who were well prepared to deal with this pandemic. Not the ones caught by surprise.

Singapore had a swift and coordinated response that pretty much contained the virus better than any other country. They learned from previous outbreaks and were closely monitoring China in case something happened again. When reports of this virus appeared in China, they began preparing and started tracking and containing infected people.

The latest reports out of Singapore is two deaths and infections that were mostly imported cases.

Of course the population of Singapore is less than 6 million, so it shouldn't be compared to countries with vastly more people. However, the response was certainly far more sophisticated than what we saw from other countries.

In my State, Governor Coumo (New York) is doing a good job increasing testing of the virus and informing the public of the State's response to the crisis. However, this is all the response of a leader caught off guard. We don't yet have the medical capacity to deal with the growing number of patients.

Still miles better than the response from our President who can't even hold a press conference without confusing everyone.

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