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I'm not a big fan of Governor Murphy, (New Jersey). He did very well in his address yesterday. The 6 officials on stage were 6' apart. He answered question, even stupid questions well. He chided one reporter for coughing into his hand and told to go wash up. He is taking the situation very seriously.

The have done a good job of locating extra critical care beds and are working with the Army Core of Engineers to open MASH units in South Jersey where Hospital are much more scarce. (yes, NJ has rural areas, shocking I know)

There going to reopen some recently closed hospitals. Not an easy task but one that needs to be done. They've starting opening special drive through testing centers.

Governor admitted we're basically at war with COVID-19 now as he gave the orders to lock down the state.

So yesterday, Murphy won me over. Oh, I did vote for him, but not with enthusiasm for sure.