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I think it's more a panic response than anything else.
However, if you go and lock yourself in your house and promise to stay there for the length of time that it would take to go from getting infected to no longer being contagious, then I don't see any real reason to get tested. No more than needed to get tested for any other virus. This of course assumes you don't get sick to the point of hospitalization.

But people want to know for sure. I came down with a nasty cold on Monday. Had several of the COVID symptoms, but no fever. I did talk to a doctor who didn't seem concerned, however, if tests were available and cheap, I would have preferred the peace of mind. It would have been helpful to have definitive proof every time I coughed and people looked at me like I had the plague.

Something else to keep in mind. There's no reason why you couldn't test negative today and catch it tomorrow.