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IMHO only testing those meeting the current criteria (travelled to a community spread area, showing respiratory symptoms, having been close to someone already tested positive) is self limiting: we have no way of understanding if the virus manifests differently (though there are plenty of anecdotal stories of people who tested positive and had no symptoms, or unrelated symptoms to those that are typical.)

We don't know what we don't know, and as others have pointed out, without widespread testing, there's no way to estimate the denominator of known cases. These could lead to further spread by people who are "loosely" quarantining but break quarantine because they don't have the specific symptoms, but may nonetheless be carriers.

I am personally frustrated by the inability to get tested, as I am self-quarantine from my family within my own house. I returned from the UK recently and late last week developed a fever, diarrhea, and a persistent headache. I don't have any respiratory symptoms so don't qualify for testing, but I'm in a holding pattern wondering if symptoms will progress, whether I'll remain subclinical, or just don't have it. I have no way to know but Day 4 of being confined to one room/bathroom is starting to wear thin - I wish I had some more certainty. It seems more people are testing positive with non-respiratory symptoms....I just wish I knew.