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I am debating trying to find two yardsticks and taping them together and just smacking the crap out of anyone who comes closer. I went for a 3-mile walk and EVERY group I came across DID NOT MOVE. If I wanted to keep 6 feet of distance, I had to move. I know someone has to yield but I think the other people who should have moved because I was walking on the right side of the sidewalk and the houses and shit were on *my* right. I couldn't go further right and left takes me directly into the oncomer's path. Plus I would have had to walk in the street with cars coming up behind me, whereas if they walked in the street they could see the cars without turning around.

We're not a lockdown state yet and when we have to, we'll have deserved it because for the smartest state, we're fucking morons. There were joggers the other day who kept coming up on a different route and instead of going around us wide into the grass, they would pass right next to us. Thankfully they stopped or we were going to fake sneeze and cough. I yelled at a mother not paying attention to her kids that were coming too close. It must be really hard to have more kids than adults in public under the best of circumstances, but if your kids can't follow directions, your kids need to be home. And you need to watch them 100% of the time.