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ways to help the elderly

As we have over a hundred threads I am not sure if this has been posted already. This is NYC centric.

We all know that the older people are the most vulnerable to this virus. I read this heartbreaking story of a couple in their 80s, who were in a parking lot at a grocery store but were afraid to go in. They were asking people to help, and after about an hour they found someone who did help. They gave this person $100 to go in and buy their groceries. But it took an hour for them to find this Good Samaritan.

There are ways we can help. From the link - If you want to know what you can do to help, from donating funds to physically volunteering, we’ve rounded up a tidy list of amazing organizations that are rallying to ensure food, aid, and medical supplies are delivered to those who are in need while alone during this outbreak.

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