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I screened positive, but cannot get tested. It would be nice to know. Like, really nice. It would also make a difference if my symptoms worsen, and I have to go get care. I do/do not have Covid-19 is way more useful info to intake personnel, than “maybe I got it, maybe I don’t”
Lastly, were I found positive, and survive it, I could act and live differently in the months to come, and if things really go to hell, volunteer because of presumed immunity. Even right now, a negative diagnosis would mean the end of me and those in my house maintaining social distancing from each other while in quarantine
I understand that limited availability means tests should go to those with severe symptoms, and frontline personnel (and other essential people, like NBA players apparently). I take issue with the fact that the supply is limited. I’m not saying that everyone should be able to get tested whenever they feel like it - but when you have the symptoms, not being able to find out is a ridiculous situation to be in in an advanced economy in the 21st century.