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Originally Posted by Wesley Clark View Post
In the long run I hope it let's people know you need a competent, functional government and health care system.
I'm wondering when (if?) the folk who decry government as evil, will realize that they are clamoring for the government to do MORE to address this crisis.

Maybe this is the cockeyed optimist in me (NOT something I am often accused of), but is there a chance that this - as a common challenge - faced by all people of all nations - may lessen some of the political divide that has been widening recently? Service employees are being laid off - whether they vote blue or red. Bible thumpers and atheists will face challenges making rent/mortgages. Even the wealthiest are seeing their savings suffer.

I hear stories about the national unity that was strengthened during WWII - or even the "common experience" shared during the depression. Lacking ready access to excess, we may refocus on some basics that are truly important. And we may have a renewed appreciation of the desirability of interpersonal contact. Will nations appreciate the folly of aggression towards each other, compared towards progress towards shared interests?

Not suggesting this pandemic was desirable, but I'm hoping there is a chance of some beneficial effects as we weather this storm.

Hell, who am I kidding. We're likely to increasingly blame each other, magnify even minor discomforts and inconveniences, and retreat further into our virtual echo chambers!
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