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FYI, I don't think the Venetian canals are clearer because they're less polluted, but rather because the sediment on the bottom isn't being stirred up. Those dolphin pics were fake. But AFAIK the cleaner air in China is real, and LA has had some lovely blue skies these last few days as well, though the rain may have played a part in that.

Over the past year Cozumel had been closing off much of its reefs to scuba divers, ostensibly to give the struggling reefs a chance to heal. The scuba diving community is upset about this, because the damage caused by divers is negligible compared to the damage caused by cruise ships, which have not been restricted. But now the cruise ships have been shut out too. I'm sure the reef will flourish in their absence. I just hope it promotes the government there to consider limiting cruise ships in the future, rather than attributing the effects to the absence of divers.

I've been hearing some rumblings among my Facebook friends about how this crisis has revealed the folly of our dependence on Chinese manufacturing. It's too early to tell whether it will translate to any meaningful change, but I think it would be wonderful if this prompted us to bring back some manufacturing jobs.

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