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I'm not seeing this so-called "economic stimulus" as a bailout, like the ones given to automotive manufacturers or the probable one to Boeing.

The money which is to be paid out to the citizens of the US is an effort to help people survive these hortibly uncertain times. Prices ARE going up on damned near everything, and hourly employees are being clobbered the worst, financially.

Dammit, I have paid my taxes all my working life. People like me have supported the US government. Instead of sending aid packages to other countries or buying a couple of fighter jets, it is right that Uncle Sam give back a small amount to the taxpaying legions.

As for however many trillions the US must spend fighting this virus, many have called the fight a war. In wartime, you do not complain about costs to arm the military. You expect sacrifices and "making do" all for the greater good of winning the war.

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