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Originally Posted by VOW View Post
I'm not seeing this so-called "economic stimulus" as a bailout, like the ones given to automotive manufacturers or the probable one to Boeing.
The GOP plan funnels hundreds of billions of bucks to corporations who already sit on large cash reserves. I see no stimulus there except more campaign "contributions".

The money which is to be paid out to the citizens of the US is an effort to help people survive these hortibly uncertain times. Prices ARE going up on damned near everything, and hourly employees are being clobbered the worst, financially.
Low-paid workers, the homeless, the most vulnerable, will get nothing. People with homes, accounts, and sufficient tax filings will get a pittance. I see little stimulus here.

We paid no tax on last year's small retirement income so we qualify for nothing. If we did receive a kilobuck, it would help pay off my pricey hearing aids; it would not go for new merchandise and stimulate the economy. YMMV.