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As of March 20, 8 trillion dollars of wealth has been destroyed in the market. Cite. The Fed or Congress printing 4 trillion dollars only makes up half of that.
It is not like them doing this will mean there will be less money in the future for research (which would be a trivial amount in comparison anyway.) Note that with this amount of wealth lost, inflation is not going to be a problem.
Since any bonds issued now are at almost 0 interest, it is a good time to do it. Not doing it, say not funding job retention - will cost far more in the long run in the loss of taxes as the economy tanks into a depression.
How does this not affect future funding of research? I would think the bigger the debt and deficit, the more the government would need to cut non-essential funding. I guess that gets into the definition of non-essential, so maybe research is part of essential funding.