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Thoughts on half-measures against personal coronavirus prevention

While it’s great and understandable that people are being cautious not to get infected from this new coronavirus, I see and read what people are doing in terms of prevention and wonder how much of their efforts are going to waste because of inconsistent and improper method/usage.
Some examples:

1. Face masks
・Not washing hands before and after use
・Not covering the mouth and nose area properly
・Using them periodically (on/off) throughout the day
・Touching/adjusting the outside facing part of the mask
・Putting used masks in pockets, bags, on the table, etc.
・Not disposing them properly by putting them in separate bag/container

2. Hand washing
・Not washing long enough
・Not washing often enough
・Not drying hands completely
・Using jet air dryers
・Using wet/damp towels
・Not washing up to the wrists
・Not washing hands before every meal

3. Hand sanitizers
・Not using enough sanitizer
・Using sanitizer on greasy/dirty hands
・Not rubbing hands until dry

4. Disinfectant wipes
・Mistakenly using regular wet wipes
・Not leaving enough “dwell time” for disinfectant to work
・Reusing wipes
・Flushing wipes down the toilet

I guess people feel safer because they’re taking action, but sometimes I think some of things they’re doing is pointless or half-hearted.