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Topeka, Kansas: went to the Dillon's (Kroger) at 8pm and it was like a plague of locusts had been through. Produce was mostly ok, except for potatoes, but almost the only bread was hamburger buns, the meat case had some roasts and a handful of chubs of cheap ground beef but no chicken and limited pork, pasta reduced to the oddballs (the stuff made out of chickpeas, some expensive imported stuff) and no marinara but plenty of alfredo sauce. Cereal was sort of ok (had plain Cheerios and plenty of the organic brands, but no Malt-o-meal in any variety and the oatmeal was seriously picked over). No rice or dry beans/lentils. Dairy case had gaps but mostly ok. Canned fruits and veggies had maybe possibly as much as ten percent of what they normally do, soups about the same, frozen veggies had only artichokes, asparagus, and okra. No toilet paper, only a few rolls of paper towels. Pet food seriously depleted. Lots of cheeses. No flour or yeast, only confectioner's sugar.