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I haven't gone grocery shopping since last Wednesday, but even then it wasn't horrible. I went to two small local groceries (one for milk and yogurt, and one for fresh produce - we are usually well stocked for pantry staples, but had been out of town for the panic shopping and were low on perishables). Both had everything that they normally carry, except the produce market (which is more like a small full-service supermarket) had no disinfectants, and the all-purpose flour shelf was empty, but I found another stash past the checkout and went back through (which was easy - the store was nearly empty of customers).

The next day, I went to Costco, in part to shop for my 77-year-old immunosuppressed mom. There were a handful of things missing (toilet paper, Lysol spray, Mucinex DM, generic acetaminophen, russet potatoes), but everything else was in stock, including giant gallon-plus jugs of liquid Lysol concentrate, so I bought one of those.

My sister reports that Imperfect Foods is no longer taking new customers, at least locally. I signed us up for a CSA that will start the week of April 7th to hold us over until our garden veggies start coming in; it's one of the few locally that delivers door to door.

The interesting part is going to be Mom, who (I just learned yesterday) has no debit card and refuses to use a credit card anywhere on the internet. Apparently efforts to convince her that credit card companies have fraud protections (and that the only time she was financially defrauded was not on the internet) have been unsuccessful. I think I will have to give it another shot. And I will also try to convince her that she should sign herself up for the CSA, too, before they are all oversubscribed.