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Who has legitimate business traveling these days?

The area where I live has been a relative latecomer to coronavirus, with only six cases as of yesterday. All six are reported to be travel related, including one person who is from “out of town.”* Naturally much arguing has taken place on the Facebook pages of the local news stations and newspaper regarding why these people were traveling at all.

So here is the debate. What people have legitimate business traveling these days? I’m defining traveling as going between distant places, not a trip to the grocery store or pharmacy. In my opinion the list is very small. I would start with truck drivers and the pilots and crews of cargo planes. In places where the crisis is further along I would add medical personal traveling to the hard hit area as well as national guard personnel. Who am I missing from this list? Again, I’m talking about travel from one city to another, not a trip to the store to buy necessities.

*. In this area being from “out of town” implies someone from at least a hundred miles away, not someone from one of the surrounding small communities who come into the city to buy necessities.