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Originally Posted by Magiver View Post
Again, you're NOT going to create a job handing money to individuals. $1,200 is nothing compared to the loss of a job. You WILL lose jobs if businesses collapse. When that happens there will be taxes to pay for the $1,200 individual payment.

And as was pointed out, both businesses and individuals are getting funds. They serve 2 different purposes.
So give people more than $1,200. The math just doesn't work for you. You could give every unemployed American $3,000 a month for three months and that'd be FAR less than the proposed legislation.

Or what about targeted bailouts? American Airlines is pushing for a share of a $45 billion bailout. Let's assume they get $10 billion of that, which is likely a low end guess. You could give FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLARS to every employee at American Airlines and that would still cost way less than the bailout.
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