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Originally Posted by Chronos View Post
In Ohio, as of two weeks ago, no gatherings of more than 100 people were allowed, regardless of purpose. That already knocked out a lot of AA meetings.

The rules now are even more restrictive. I think that "social services" (which AA would probably be considered) are only allowed with 10 or fewer people.
I had a good friend in AA, and she invited me to her regular meeting on her "birthday." It was her 15th, so she made a sort of deal that was bigger than normal for an AA birthday, and invited 5 or 6 close friends, and I think 3 of us were non-AAers. The group of regulars was pretty small. There were, I think, 7 or 8. It was a "closed" meeting, which I understand is a meeting that requires an invitation, but I'm not sure just how it works-- if it has to come from the whole group, a majority vote of the group, or if any member can just invite anyone.

Anyway, a meeting like that, where you know what the headcount will be, could still go on, and if I understand correctly, that can happen literally anywhere. They can be in someone's home, or even in a park, if the members all agree to it.

On the TV show Mom, they had one in a van while driving on the highway, but I don't know how accurate that show is. I've been to maybe three meetings to support my friend, a couple more as an interpreter, and I read about halfway through the book before I got bored. I know a couple of AAers who say the show is pretty accurate, but there's accurate, and there's "TV accurate." Those are two different standards.
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