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Oregon is in lockdown, Cancer Cat has a vet appointment

This is Rocky (in the middle; Ophelia is on the left, Irving is on the right).

Last summer, during a routine vet visit, a mass was found in his abdomen. Since then, surgery was performed, a pancreatic cancer diagnosis was made, and a chemo regimen was undertaken. He had his last chemo in the middle of February, and at the end of the month he had an ultrasound, to see where he's at.

He has been doing surprisingly well through all of this. We caught the tumor early, totally by luck. After it was removed, they weren't seeing any signs of cancer even before the chemo started. Rocky certainly isn't showing any signs of being sick.

Anyway, when he had that final ultrasound a month ago, they also took chest x-rays. The doctor said there is something she can't quite make out either in or on one of his lungs. Hopefully it's nothing, but she wanted Rocky to come in again after a month for another x-ray.

I made an appointment for tomorrow, March 25th. All of this was before the shit hit the fan, of course. I called yesterday to see if we're still on, and they said yes. I'm supposed to call from the parking lot when I arrive, and they'll come out and get Rocky. I suspect they will have me put his cat carrier down outside the door, and back off while they retrieve him.

When I made that phone call yesterday, I wasn't aware that Oregon joined the list of states that are on lockdown. So now I'm a little worried. From this article:

The order, which Oregon mayors, county commissioners and medical groups had been calling for, requires Oregonians to stay at home as much as possible or face class C misdemeanor charges.

Oregonians can leave their home to go to work, obtain or provide food, or to buy essential consumer goods. They can access certain essential government services and care for seniors, children, family members, other vulnerable people and livestock.
A little further down, it lists veterinary offices under "may remain open." But I haven't been able to find clarification on what constitutes a valid reason for going to the vet. In my eyes, I have a perfectly valid reason for going out.

Make no mistake, I'm going. I won't be coming into contact with anyone, so it shouldn't be a big deal. Although it probably won't happen, I'm worried I'll get pulled over, and have to explain why I'm out, and... I dunno. Am I getting overly anxious?