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Originally Posted by Lakai View Post
We did not see widespread looting and home invasions during the great depression which lasted several years. We should be fine for a few months.

Most crimes are crimes of passion and not planned out crimes to obtain resources. Crime goes down in the winter every year because more people are home during the winter and say out of trouble. I would predict a drop in crime because everyone is stuck at home.

Our police systems and social safety nets are still running. People are collecting unemployment and aren't starving. No reason for looting yet.
It’s still a different situation with the immediate shut down of businesses rather than the business failing. Take my example above of a bar with a liquor inventory. In the Depression if Joe’s bar failed, they’d sell off the liquor to Al’s Bar as well as the radio and I’m sure they’d find someone to sell the tables and chairs to. Right now, there’s thousands of bars that were shuttered immediately and only the money in the cash register was taken out to be deposited. The same goes for all the closed restaurants and retail stores.
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