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GESancMan, from a fellow Oregonian, I think you are being overly anxious. Perhaps understandably so. But these orders are primarily in effect to prevent people congregating in groups and being blatantly in violation of the social distancing rules.

If it helps, I was out and about this morning on necessary business (mailing some items for my work and picking up milk and eggs). There were an average number of people on the road and no police presence whatsoever.

Oregon doesn't have sufficient law enforcement during the best of times. They certainly don't have enough to hound innocent people going about their bona fide business. Please take care of your poor sick kitty with no further concerns for being harassed by officials. And I'm glad you vet's office is taking sensible precautions to limit contact.

ETA: Rocky is adorable, as are his companions. I'm glad you shared the pic!

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