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In some of the worst-hit pandemic areas, all doctors whatever the specialty have been called up to treat the ill. In Italy, they have placed psychiatrist on duty in the wards, and not for mental health. I understand a doc is a doc, whatever the specialty, but for say an older psychiatrist, eye surgeon or a dermatologist whose last time dealing with respiratory illnesses and probably are not terribly current on the latest developments, was decades ago as a young Doctor, how would they be best used? Same for retired Doctors.

Some places have called medical students and trainee nurses, the same questions.
Orders need to be given by a physician, as nurses don’t have licenses to practice medicine. That being said, I suspect that in these situations what actually happens is an experienced ICU nurse makes “suggestions” or “recommendations” regarding things like ventilator settings. The retired psychiatrist or gynecologist who has spent the last twenty years doing office based gyn work and who last dealt with vents for only a few weeks during their ICU rotation in residency then agrees to write orders to carry out those “suggestions.”

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