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Puts me at ease, because last week, I had the pukes one morning (No; I'm 50-freaking-3). Woke up with a migraine, which almost never happens-- I usually get them in the late afternoon or early evening, after an aura that sets in between noon and 2pm.

I get severe nausea with the afternoon-evening ones, but never actually throw up.

I took nausea medicine, and after 1/2 hr. of not puking, took migraine medicine, and about an hour and a cup of coffee later, was feeling almost like nothing had happened.

I chalked it up to stress, but a tiny corner of my mind has been wondering if those are ever symptoms of Covid-19. Google was unhelpful.

I was halfway between "Yay! Mild case! Now I'm immune!" and "OMG! I've exposed my family!"

Called my doctor and got a recorded message that my symptoms were nothing to be concerned about. Called my cousin, the PCP, and he kind of laughed. Told him about the recorded message, and then he really laughed, and said "Wished I'd thought of that." His office phones have been ringing, like, 3 times a minute with people wanting to know if their random symptoms mean they have Covid-19. "I woke up with a stiff neck. Do I have the corona virus?" Really.

So, he reassured me, and said yeah, probably stress, but couldn't fill me in on what exactly is Covid-19.

I guess it's like pornography: he can't define it, but he knows it if he sees it.
"There's always a non-Voodoo explanation for everything." ~Adrian Monk