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Trump wanting to open country back up. What exactly would that mean?

At this point, it's not like Trump can just flip a switch and have everything go back to the way it was.

For one, many states and municipalities will maintain their own restrictions. In fact, it seems like most of what's being done right now is at the state and local level, rather than federal.

And I can't imagine, say, Disney World, for example, opening back up in just a week or two, just because Trump says everything is going to be fine. Likewise, I can't imagine schools letting students back in right now or sports leagues deciding to finish out their seasons. I certainly can't picture anyone booking a cruise right now.

And as someone in another thread pointed out, as far as the economy goes, that ship has sailed. Trump declaring the crisis over isn't going to fix the wreckage that's already been inflicted or boost investor confidence. In fact nothing, short of scientists stumbling upon a miracle cure for Coronavirus tomorrow, is really going to fix those things in short order.

So when Trump says he wants to open the country back up, what exactly does that mean? What would that look like? Is he going to force the Smithsonian to open back up? Force all the federal workers who've been telecommuting to come back into the office? Try to make the states lift the restrictions they have in place?

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