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Originally Posted by asahi View Post
For the average person, the death rate is about 1 in 100. The problematic word here, though, is "average." The average death rate for someone who is in their 20s and in good health is quite low - perhaps as low or even lower than for seasonal flu (the data are not completely in).

I don't have the numbers at my fingertips, but when I saw them broken down in detail by relatively small age ranges (10-20 years IIRC), what I found interesting that is not being widely reported is that, relative to the flu, this virus is actually proportionately MORE deadly for the relatively young vs. the very old. The important caveat there is "relative to the flu". Covid-19 definitely has a much higher death rate for the elderly than for the young. But the ratio between the flu's death rate for the elderly and the young is actually much higher in the case of the flu.

Originally Posted by ThelmaLou View Post
IOW you probably don't need to worry about breathing the air in a room half an hour after a COVID-infected person has left.

The University of Minnesota's Center Infectious Disease Research and Policy (CIDRAP) published an editorial last week expressing some skepticism about this public health messaging that we don't have to worry about aerosol transmission:

I wonder if a lot of this has to do with the propaganda coming from that sector telling people that masks are ineffectual except when used by healthcare workers. This is to my mind pretty obviously bullshit (and look at the Asian countries who have been most successful in curbing their caseload, where masks are ubiquitous), intended to keep laypeople from buying up all the masks and causing a shortage for doctors and nurses.

It all seems murky at best, and I'm just going to operate under the assumption that any indoor area where people have been breathing recently could have aerosol particles that could infect me--so I'm going to wear my N95 mask.
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