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The employees in grocery stores are affected just as much as everyone else. They have kids who arenít at school. They may have spouses who have lost jobs, elderly parents who need help, like food and vital supplies brought to them rather than leaving home.

On top of that, the supply system is disrupted. They have to learn and apply new cleaning and disinfecting techniques.

Thereís also the fatigue factor for those working under new and stressful conditions, where no matter how much social distancing is tried, they are dealing with large numbers of the public, more than most other people.

Frankly, Iím amazed that such a vital essential service is still functioning. Shorter hours is a reasonable way to deal with a tired workforce.

Iím very grateful to the food stores and all their employees for doing so well in a time of crisis.

They are probably the single most essential service.
Iím not the only one who feels this way. Check out todayís editorial cartoon in the Toronto Star.

Thanks, Broomstick, and any other retail Dopers working to keep us fed and healthy!
My great-grandparents came through emigrating to a new country.
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We will come through this pandemic. Hang on tight to the ones you love.