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Originally Posted by Urbanredneck View Post
The stupidest thing right now is some states are closing their highway rest areas. Something about how they cant keep them clean.

Some places are also closing truck stops.

Damn it, those things are needed by truck drivers for rest and a place to use the restroom. I dont care if you have to have the national guard to keep them clean but they NEED to be kept open to help ensure the delivery system.
I absolutely agree, though this made me LOL:
"how they cant keep them clean."

(and this is different from every other day of the year, how??).

DC metro area (suburbia) and Costco had pretty much everything when I went on Monday, aside from the usual gloves, Lysol etc. I don't know why chicken was in such short supply - any theories on that? They did have toilet paper. They were low on rice, relatively little in the way of frozen veggies, and cleaning supplies in general were picked over.

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