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That link, while decent, doesn't answer any of the OP's questions.

Note: the following is my own opinion, based on years of asthma with occasional nasty bouts of bronchitis. I have never had actual pneumonia, luckily.

I can pretty much guarantee that sitting fairly well propped up will be better than attempting to lie flat - anyone who has ever dealt with asthma can tell you it's easier to breathe while propped up. I personally find it easier if I'm sitting upright and leaning forward slightly - not sure why. If you're lying down, change positions as needed. There are actually specialty beds that are sometimes used on ICU patients, that continually rotate them to change the pressure on different parts of the lungs. If you can manage lying on your side while also propped up, that's easier than lying on your back.

Look up recommendations for pneumonia care. They seem to suggest that using a humidifier might be helpful (though make sure it's clean so you're not inhaling mold spores).

If your cough is at all productive, you don't want to suppress it too much. However, from my own experience with asthma / bronchitis, I've found that the automatic coughing tends to irritate the upper airway passages - leading to throat pain, but not producing anything. I've learned to tighten my throat muscles enough that I can put off coughing for a bit, while breathing deeply and exhaling firmly a few times in a row. That loosens up the bad stuff, then one or two good coughs and things are better for a few minutes. It's similar to the "huffing" technique.