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When my son was recovering from croup, and had a dry cough, and had a pretty irritated airway, he was put on a pretty high dose (for a child) of guaifenesin, an expectorant, that makes your cough more productive by thinning your mucous (but if you are dehydrated, it's not good for you), and a low dose of a cough suppressant, dextromethorphan hbr, so he wouldn't go into coughing spasms, which had been happening to him.

Just a note-- dextromethorphan DOES NOT MIX with SSRIs, like Prozac, Zoloft, etc. If you need a cough suppressant, your doctor needs to prescribe either codeine or tessalon. Both are very effective, and until recently, insurance often rejected paying for the more expensive tessalon when codeine was available (codeine gives me migraines, so my doctor always had to call the insurance company and argue for tessalon for me). It's been better lately now that everyone wants to avoid narcotics.

If you are having an unproductive cough, but are tending to go into spasms, don't buy a combo dextro/guaifenesin med. Buy them separately, and take the max of the guaifenesin, and the lowest recommended dose of the dextro. You could even start with a half dose (I do) and up it if it doesn't help. That means buying a liquid, though, not the gelcaps.

Caveat: IANAD. Just someone with allergies who used to get a lot of tonsillitis before I got'em yanked, who has also lived through croup with her kid.

Also, if you get throat pain as a result of persistent coughing, IME, Tylenol, not NSAIDS works better. Tylenol actually works way better than even the tramadol or codeine you have left from your root canal.

That's all the practical advice I have from personal experience.
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