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Originally Posted by USCDiver View Post
Azithromycin does not do anything for viruses. That is NOT in question. There's not even a mechanism by which it might help.

It is being used in severe Covid cases due to superimposed bacterial pneumonia.
Exactly ... which is why my primary will often scrip me a zpack when I have a rhinovirus, I have a noted predisposition to roll into pneumonia when I am ill. Sucks, but at least he recognizes the uniqueness of each patient. I do wish I were my husband, he rarely has complications to basic illnesses. THough in retrospect, perhaps not - I swear he could go online and look at a picture of poison ivy and get it ... *sigh* [poor guy hates me, I am one of the rare people that is very non-allergic to it. I can handle it and get nothing.]
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