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It's a absolute travesty that more cannot be tested, and the CDC guidelines are so strict that people are seeking testing, getting denied, and then later entering the hospitals in critical condition. You pretty much to be in the high risk category and be exhibiting the worst symptoms to even get a test.

This is ridiculous. I understand their is scarcity of test kits, but isn't this what we were promised weeks ago would be resolved? This is a huge failure, and IMHO likely be design - limiting testing limits confirmed cases, and our president likes "low numbers" in relation to this. Meanwhile, there are hundreds of thousands showing some symptoms that can be sure what they have, whom likely are spreading it, even when they self quarantine, to family member.

I've had persistent symptoms for a week but cannot get tested. My wife is a healthcare provider who needs to be back at work, and the uncertaintly of whether she's been exposed is uncalled for. We need to start broader testing ASAP to better understand who has it and may be contagious without knowing it.