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We’ll see how it shakes out in the next couple of months, but yes, basic education regarding public hygiene and social distancing goes a long way to blunting the spread of even a highly transmissible contagion. If this had been done at a Federal level starting back in January when the NIAID raised an alert about the potential for pandemic outbreak, we might have had more time to prepare businesses, acquire and allocate medical supplies and PPE, and develop and deploy testing kits and guidance to local and state governments and health officials.

Instead, the “do nothing and hope it all goes away by spring” is going to result in tens or hundreds of thousands of totally avoidable deaths among the millions who will eventually succumb in this country, and those deaths are the direct result of criminal negligence on the part of Trump and his political advisors who ignored and obstructed public health experts while spreading misinformation.

Once this crisis has passed, there needs to be an investigation into what could have been done and an explanation of why no effective action was taken, as well as the effects if Trump decides to cancel the national emergency by April as he has pledged to do. The people in charge of leading the nation and making decisions based upon fact and guidance from public health experts should be held to account for not performing the rational and responsible duties that they with which they have been entrusted.