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Originally Posted by Procrustus View Post
I don't think I'll have any problem blithely getting back to normal attitude fairly easily.
Similar here. I'm not deathly afraid or nervous now. Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on your pov, I'm pretty blithe in general. I don't worry about terrorists, I don't worry about earthquakes, I don't worry(much)about cancer. I do worry just a tad about senility . But I also don't worry about disease and pandemics except in the strictly practical or distant or abstract - how does it impact my family, the country, society, the economy, the world. But I don't much worry about myself. If I get it, I get it and I'll either muddle through or not.

I practice social distancing as much as possible while doing essential shopping and the like, but only because I'm actively thinking about it and trying to be respectful to others. But I try and be courteous and not infect others if I have a cold or certainly the flu as well. I think people who happily put themselves or others in harm's way in a situation like this are both idiots and selfish.

But it's certainly not an automatic twitch response and I'm not nervous about it. If I hear a sneeze and think about it at all, I tend to just think *allergies*.

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