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Originally Posted by Stranger On A Train View Post
Once this crisis has passed, there needs to be an investigation into what could have been done and an explanation of why no effective action was taken, as well as the effects if Trump decides to cancel the national emergency by April as he has pledged to do. The people in charge of leading the nation and making decisions based upon fact and guidance from public health experts should be held to account for not performing the rational and responsible duties that they with which they have been entrusted.

Of course, I completely agree with you in this.

But note what I have bolded... that pesky passive voice. WHO is going to do this if trump (GOD FORBID!) gets reelected? He will bury it all along with the bodies and rewrite history. The whole thing never happened. It was nothing but a double cheese nothingberder. And he's the short order cook who saved the bacon. Excuse my foodie metaphor festival. Must eat something soon. Been up since 4 am.

If it's Biden, by all means, an investigation and report, probably to be conducted over a period of months in the background, because there will be critical emergent issues to deal with moment to moment. But yeah, a new administration needs to hang this one out to dry.