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Orders need to be given by a physician, as nurses don’t have licenses to practice medicine. That being said, I suspect that in these situations what actually happens is an experienced ICU nurse makes “suggestions” or “recommendations” regarding things like ventilator settings. The retired psychiatrist or gynecologist who has spent the last twenty years doing office based gyn work and who last dealt with vents for only a few weeks during their ICU rotation in residency then agrees to write orders to carry out those “suggestions.”
My brother was an Intensivist for a while. Mirroring a well-known Vietnam-war army officer, he would introduce his trainees to the the Charge Nurse, and tell them: "She has been an IC nurse for 20 years. She has no plans to change jobs. When you have made your way to the top and are sitting in an office as head of ICU, she will still know more about Intensive Care than you do. She has my complete trust. If she disagrees with something you want to do, you should follow her advice. If you have any questions, you should call me."

ETA: but if called up doctors are put into an ICU, it will only be watch the patients while somebody else rests.

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