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Originally Posted by asahi View Post

I'm trying to decide what that threshold is. Could be a good two months of hyper-vigilance before gradually relaxing a bit. But it depends on the situation and the national response. If I see that the threat is getting closer and closer and nothing is stopping it, I might have to rethink that. I don't have a death wish, and I'd feel terrible if I infected her or other members of my family.
I think that's why testing is really important. Imagine if we had a map of census districts, color-coded based on case density (# confirmed cases per 100,000, let's say). If you knew your district was high density, you would probably be really vigilant about staying away other people, and everyone in that district would understand why they were being placed under a "shelter-at-home" order.

I like talking walks. I live in a neighborhood where the houses are close to the sidewalk. I've been walking in the middle of the street to maximize my distance from any one domicile and thus minimize my risk. It would be great if I had an app that would alert me if I was in close proximity to an address with a known carrier. Or alert me if the pedestrian approaching me on the sidewalk is a known carrier or lives with someone who is (as long as they are carrying their cell phone). I know this is an unrealistic dream. But it could be done if we had unrestricted testing and people shared their results with a data scientist with enough time on their hands.

Right now we're flying blind and that's maddening.