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Originally Posted by madmonk28 View Post
What a telling statement.

I support leaders who will enact robust public health policy so private citizens can buy products they wish to buy, without having to feel any need to refrain, so as to leave them for the health workers. Like Joe Biden, who as vice president was part of the administration who established a pandemic team in the White House that Trump subsequently disbanded--and whose chief of staff was the "Ebola czar" when Joe was veep.

But I'm not going to be shamed for not doing every last possible thing on a personal basis to contribute to the cause. That's true about anyone who doesn't contribute every dime they don't need for basic food and shelter to a malaria bed net charity. Those who subscribe to Peter Singer's "drowning child" philosophy may believe this for real, but only the tiniest fraction of us (doubt that includes anyone here) actually lives a life that is blameless by this ethical framework.
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