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Originally Posted by Banquet Bear View Post
...what you don't seem to understand here is what is meant by vulnerable. Those 70 plus people that are wandering around the supermarket are probably more likely to be hospitalised and die from Covid-19. But the 22 year-old waiter or the 19 year-old student are equally vulnerable to catching and spreading Covid-19. And being 22 years of age does not make you immune to being hospitalised or from dying of Covid-19. There are people that age tying up hospital resources on ventilators as we speak.
Hate to be the one, but you really need to be citing this sort of stuff. You are essentially spreading panic and misinformation; not once have I seen any footage, credible reports, or sources pertaining to 19-22 year olds being on ventilators.

I've actually seen this posted around everywhere, particularly the panic ridden subreddits - that teens to 20 somethings are having to take ventilators away from the old. Please, source this crap. I've read it everywhere and the statistics of this virus simply do not match up with that narrative.