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There was another thread where people talked about "proning", turning a patient who needs a ventilator face down. Someone gave a good description of why it is helpful to change which part of the lungs is facing down when you have pneumonia. I'm pretty sure it's also good to move around if you are still breathing on your own and well enough to do so.

There's a lot of discussion about nsaids (and steroidal antiinflammatories, but people don't usually pop those for a headache) and how they may interfere with your immune response to covid-19. See up-to-date or the internet book of intensive care if you want a solid reference with a lot of medical jargon. There is at least some evidence that taking ibuprofen (or aspirin, naproxen, etc.) early in the course of covid can give the disease a leg up. I'd avoid those drug for now if possible.

From the same references, there seems to have been a controversial study finding iv vitamin c helped in severe cases. (Controversial because not well done.) I have a bottle lying around and I'm taking it. Getting enough sleep is good for your immune system.

Like others, I've had good experiences with guifenesin to clear gunk out of my lungs. Although this bug may just kill cells more than it stimulates the production of mucus.

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