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Originally Posted by Urbanredneck View Post
Why? When I went to the grocery store there were several elderly people easily plus 70 years walking around with no masks on.

Those are the people most vulnerable and should be quarantined.

NOT the 22 year old waiter who just lost his job or the 19 year old whos college was closed.

No, I know darn well how this virus works plus I see the economic and social impact on our society.
You may understand how the virus works and not understand the impact it will have on the health system.

I've got news for you: one in six people will need hospitalization, and many of those one in six are well below the age of 70, and in some cases, quite young. More than that, it's not just old people getting sick - that's a terrible misconception. It's anyone with an underlying condition, and guess what? About 40% of this country has a huge underlying condition called obesity.

It's a numbers game, Urban. The health system hasn't calculated the epidemic. It never factored that into the system the way it did even a bad strain of influenza. Do you get that?!

If young people say "Screw it, I'm gonna live life" and go out infecting just other young people, you're going to have tens or even hundreds of thousands of other young people so sick that they will stagger into ICUs all over America gasping for air. And if you get enough of them concentrated into one place at the same time, that creates a health triage crisis.

But beyond that, who exactly is the young waiter supposed to serve food to? Who are your consumers going to be? Who's going to consume and keep the economy going -- fresh college graduates with six figure debt?

I mean get real.

You fundamentally don't understand what's going on. Take a break from Fox News and do some reading once in a while.

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